Week 23 Recap

There was a skip in February (as you might have noticed). Anytime I attempt to put together a schedule, it gets shaken apart. So unfortunately, I missed the end of the first week and all of the second.

However, I did  manage to squeeze out a couple on Saturday the 14th…

…to be completely honest, I didn’t have to squeeze them out.

I wrote Mediaheads in an attempt to explain how much we are constantly bombarded by media events that rarely do anything to benefit us — financially, mentally, or spiritually. There is virtually no benefit to what we spend so much of our time doing. While we admire other people’s success, we forget that they spend all of their time practicing to keep us entertained. In short, I realized that entertainment is a luxury. It doesn’t matter if it’s inexpensive or even free; it should still count as a luxury if I spend time on something that doesn’t add to my needed improvement.

I had been waiting to share the interview of Danny & Annie Perasa that I found while browsing NPR. I actually wanted to share as soon as I found it, but since it was so close to Valentine’s, I decided to wait. Their two-part interview covers their not-so-glamourous but love-filled 27-year marriage. It’s really a great story the was done by StoryCorps and was a perfect fit for a February 14th post.

I will be continuing the black history month schedule going forward. I hope that you all have a wonderful week showing compassion and and sharing perspectives.

This Kind of Valentine

I enjoy Valentine’s Day for what it represents — Love.

However, I enjoy real love; not just uncommitted lust repackaged as love. I’m talking about elementary school puppy love and old retired loved. Everything in between are either hormones or growing past the hard parts to get to the old love phase. It’s all part of the process, but who can resist the notion of love without flaws?

I was on NPR the other day and came across a story that was too good to pass up for Valentine’s Day.

Am I a sap? Maybe… But I think it would be awesome if people could make their relationship goals to match a couple like this. There’s no dollar amount on it or no fancy lifestyle attached. It’s the love that everyone say they want, but selfishness won’t allow. I thank God that I have examples that I can look at in real life, but this is a really sweet interview from a couple of 27 years. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Valentine’s Day!