Racial and Cultural Fraud

By now everyone has heard of the Rachel Dolezal scandal; the white woman who passed as a Black American and worked her way up the ranks of the NAACP. A majority of black people find this unsettling and are upset with her actions. Personally, I am not upset with her at all. I could care less. I find the story amusing; the way that she made it that far in her scheme. I personally feel that she has proven to be fantastic liar and should not be trusted to hold a position doing anything; not just an office within the NAACP.Read More »

Week 21 Intro

Well it’s finally February. It’s ever so fitting that this month started on a Sunday, which gives me an even four weeks to cover the some selected topics surrounding Black History and Culture. I remember saying in one of my earliest blog posts that I would rather not limit a lot of my writing within the confines of race. I would rather blog about the my personal perspective of the world on a much wider spectrum. However, since making that statement, I realize that much of my perspective is simply a counter of the world’s perspective of me.

This month I will center all my posts around black history, culture, a few of my key people in history and an imaginative explanation for some of the conditions — positive and negative — of black people in America today. As of now, I have a format for the month that allows for Recaps on Sundays, culture topics on Mondays, my creative perspectives (short short stories) on Wednesdays, and my key people on Fridays. Now for those of you that follow my blog, you already know that it’s difficult for me to strictly stick to a schedule. Sometimes bigger issues come up, and I might want to address something on a Tuesday. I may want to switch days for different topics or whatever; so I never write up a strict schedule to follow. As you can see, this Intro was supposed to be done yesterday; I apologize for that. I’m finishing up my post for tonight though, that way I will not be behind.

When it comes to the recap, last week I posted “Nearsighted Point-of-View”. I tried to explain the reasons for why I am as optimistic as I am, and how and why I think we should practice spreading it to everyone we come into contact with. I also briefly went over reasons why this practice would not work for everyone in every situation. In a nutshell, it’s just a detailed explanation of another Christian way to love.

Show some compassion, spread some love and enjoy your week!