Thoughts of a Potential Hate Crime Victim

Unless you have lived as a Black Man in America, you could not even begin to understand the inherited negative emotions that we live with EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Thank God for Our Mothers. If it were not for them, we would have nothing to counter the devastating emotional conditions under which we live.

We have to combat fear and learn confidence.

We have to lower our guards and learn to trust.

We love just like everyone else, but we learn to hate through our skewed portrayals and treatment… And then we have to learn to love despite that.

And 99% of the time, after all of that learning, we have only learned to be accepted tolerated in a society by neglecting the pride of our own culture.

What I would love is for Our women to understand, or at least try to understand, that this a systematic approach to destroy the strength of Blacks as a whole. Don’t ever think ALL of you beautiful Black Women succeeded because you are so great and the Black Man is not. Understand that the Black Man faces more systematically placed obstacles because we would pose a different type of threat if we succeeded in the rates in which you do. This is not to take away from what you accomplish, but please do not throw us to the dogs because of what we may seem to have become.

It is coming to a point in America where I seem to be facing an unjustified death every time I leave my house. If that fate were to find me, I would love to know I was loved amongst my own people.

There is no love for a “nigga” in America. Society (globally and domestically) is taught to hate, fear, and exploit us. The hope of love for the Black Man in America does not stretch far past his Mother, Father (if he is present) and his children.

– A Proud Black Man

The Wiz Live! (Help Me Review)

I spent the week waiting for The Wiz Live! to air on NBC. With the 1978 Diana Ross version being a favorite of my family and most black families I know, it was a must see. I watched the production wide-eyed and giddy, enjoying pretty much every single moment.

Here is my overall assessment of the play.



Shanice Williams was a wonderful Dorothy. Even though I did not know her before now, I look forward to seeing her in the future. She was great!

Elijah Kelley, the Scarecrow, was another unknown to me, Read More »

Gray City

NaNoWriMo has been consuming all of my writing time. Luckily for me, I have a reserve that I can post from. Like I’ve said before though, I like to post what I am feeling at the time. Since I have nothing readily available that reflects what I’m feeling — an ambitious drive to rearranged the alphabet into a glorious translation for readers to enjoy all over the world — I’ll just share a poem that I wrote to describe a day such as this one.Read More »


At the end of last month, I made it my business to reacquaint myself to the consistency of blogging that has gotten me into the rhythm of writing — then I realized it was November!

November is National Novel Writing Month. If you are a writer, blogger or journalist of any sort, you probably already know that.

However, I’ll tell you what I did not know. I did NOT know, how much prep time you need to start. This is my first year of participation. This is day two and I just finished prepping. That leaves me about twenty-four days to squeeze out 2100 words each day. After that I’ll edit and read over it for the final four day days.

I have hours of time already allocated to other activities, meetings, work and church every week. So this really will be a challenge for me to complete. I feel up to it though. On top of that, I will continue to post to Perspective Park, even if it just once a week. It will be short like this post tonight. I will probably be unedited as well 😳…

I’m sorry. Editing takes time.

Shout out to @AlisonStine for the encouraging tweets. I almost backed out!

Wish me the best as I hope the same for you in the month of November!


Don’t get cute! I can hear you now: “Finally you’re posting something!” That’s besides the point though. I’ll get to that…

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a fellow blogger concerning her blog. While talking, I guess I must have made a comment describing myself as a writer. Her response was, “I wish I was comfortable enough to call myself a writer.” This comment threw me for a loop since I considered her to be a more established writer than myself. How could you be a writer, and not be comfortable calling yourself one? I guess the answer would be confidence… The fact that you actually believe you are a writer, and not just a person writing.

This conversation actually made me wonder if I had been giving myself too much credit.Read More »

Why Blog?

You ever been late for class and try to sneak in without being noticed?

That’s what it feels like when I start to post to this blog after a hiatus.

Well, since there’s no back door to the Internet, I’ll just come on in and ‘fess up: I’ve been whoring my writing out for money! 😭 There! Are you happy now? And sometimes I’ve even done it for free! For mere experience! One day I’m going to make someone a very happy editor, and they won’t care about my past! They will appreciate me for the artist that I would have become.Read More »

Special Love

Nah… Not that type of love. Not the kind that you have for a significant other and want to spend the rest of your life with.

I’m talking about special love.

No. Not the kind that loves the face that only a mother could love, because you may be the mother. Neither am I referring to the kind that loves a mother despite her flaws, because you may be her child.

I’m talking about SPECIAL love. There is a type of love that you have to develop for those that you have no intention, no desire, or no incentive to love. Read More »

News Flash!

I like to be informed — but not too much. News can be addictively depressing. Between ISIS and local carjackings, the news can have you afraid to travel… to the grocery store. So I subscribe to a few apps and websites to get my daily information, skim through it, and I stay abreast on what I deem is relevant to me. Read More »

From A Girl’s Eye View – Guest Perspective

“If you have to demand something from someone, you are confessing they have it.” Wow! That’s pretty profound isn’t it?—Especially in relations to women’s rights. I love books. So one of my friends let me borrow a book that she thought I would thoroughly enjoy called “Understanding The Power and Purpose Of Woman”, by Dr. Myles Munroe. I have to admit after only reading half of the first chapter that it already had my mind turning, and me jumping on my laptop to share my thoughts. So far, Dr. Munroe speaks about how the perception of women in the past still persists in today’s society. To share some of his points, women are: inferior to men, lacking in intelligence and therefore having nothing to contribute to society, weak; incapable of real strength and domestic slaves to be used as desired.Read More »