Thoughts of a Potential Hate Crime Victim

Unless you have lived as a Black Man in America, you could not even begin to understand the inherited negative emotions that we live with EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Thank God for Our Mothers. If it were not for them, we would have nothing to counter the devastating emotional conditions under which we live.

We have to combat fear and learn confidence.

We have to lower our guards and learn to trust.

We love just like everyone else, but we learn to hate through our skewed portrayals and treatment… And then we have to learn to love despite that.

And 99% of the time, after all of that learning, we have only learned to be accepted tolerated in a society by neglecting the pride of our own culture.

What I would love is for Our women to understand, or at least try to understand, that this a systematic approach to destroy the strength of Blacks as a whole. Don’t ever think ALL of you beautiful Black Women succeeded because you are so great and the Black Man is not. Understand that the Black Man faces more systematically placed obstacles because we would pose a different type of threat if we succeeded in the rates in which you do. This is not to take away from what you accomplish, but please do not throw us to the dogs because of what we may seem to have become.

It is coming to a point in America where I seem to be facing an unjustified death every time I leave my house. If that fate were to find me, I would love to know I was loved amongst my own people.

There is no love for a “nigga” in America. Society (globally and domestically) is taught to hate, fear, and exploit us. The hope of love for the Black Man in America does not stretch far past his Mother, Father (if he is present) and his children.

– A Proud Black Man

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