Gray City

NaNoWriMo has been consuming all of my writing time. Luckily for me, I have a reserve that I can post from. Like I’ve said before though, I like to post what I am feeling at the time. Since I have nothing readily available that reflects what I’m feeling — an ambitious drive to rearranged the alphabet into a glorious translation for readers to enjoy all over the world — I’ll just share a poem that I wrote to describe a day such as this one.Read More »


At the end of last month, I made it my business to reacquaint myself to the consistency of blogging that has gotten me into the rhythm of writing — then I realized it was November!

November is National Novel Writing Month. If you are a writer, blogger or journalist of any sort, you probably already know that.

However, I’ll tell you what I did not know. I did NOT know, how much prep time you need to start. This is my first year of participation. This is day two and I just finished prepping. That leaves me about twenty-four days to squeeze out 2100 words each day. After that I’ll edit and read over it for the final four day days.

I have hours of time already allocated to other activities, meetings, work and church every week. So this really will be a challenge for me to complete. I feel up to it though. On top of that, I will continue to post to Perspective Park, even if it just once a week. It will be short like this post tonight. I will probably be unedited as well 😳…

I’m sorry. Editing takes time.

Shout out to @AlisonStine for the encouraging tweets. I almost backed out!

Wish me the best as I hope the same for you in the month of November!


Don’t get cute! I can hear you now: “Finally you’re posting something!” That’s besides the point though. I’ll get to that…

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a fellow blogger concerning her blog. While talking, I guess I must have made a comment describing myself as a writer. Her response was, “I wish I was comfortable enough to call myself a writer.” This comment threw me for a loop since I considered her to be a more established writer than myself. How could you be a writer, and not be comfortable calling yourself one? I guess the answer would be confidence… The fact that you actually believe you are a writer, and not just a person writing.

This conversation actually made me wonder if I had been giving myself too much credit.Read More »