Why Blog?

You ever been late for class and try to sneak in without being noticed?

That’s what it feels like when I start to post to this blog after a hiatus.

Well, since there’s no back door to the Internet, I’ll just come on in and ‘fess up: I’ve been whoring my writing out for money! 😭 There! Are you happy now? And sometimes I’ve even done it for free! For mere experience! One day I’m going to make someone a very happy editor, and they won’t care about my past! They will appreciate me for the artist that I would have become.

Me: (Sniff, sniff) Don’t judge me. I’ve gone through enough… You don’t even know.

Random person: Kleenex?

Me: Thank you. (Takes two and blows nose)

As a writer, blogging is an extremely efficient way of honing in on your craft. You are constantly learning. For example, I am still learning my audience. I know what I want to say, but I need to know who I appeal to in order for my approach to have the desired effect. This can be tricky because you as any artist will tell you, we do not want to compromise in our work. That leads me to my next learning point: style.

Having a personal blog gives you the freedom of developing your own style of writing. Example: I love cutaway and flashback scenes in television. Remember the 90s sitcom Saved by the Bell? There would be scenes when all would freeze, and the show’s star — Zack Morris — would carry a conversation with the viewers! I watched the showed and waited for those scenes. So, in my writing, I found that I love to go off on little tangents that have very little to do with anything… Like the entire beginning of this post.

That is a part of my style that I considered doing away with because it is not technically correct.

CLICHÉ ALERT!!!: Any great artist broke rules to become who we respect them as.

I hate clichés, but this is true. But… You at least have to know the rules, understand them, and know why you are breaking them to be effective. This is where writing for others come in handy. When you write for other blogs, individuals or even school assignments, you are given a set of parameters to work within. For creative people, this can be torture. Creatives hate being restricted, but once those rules and guidelines are mastered, you will have developed a better understanding of what and how you really want your work to flow.

So now that I am back for a while, I have some interesting topics I have been so anxious to share: The Muppets tv show, beards, mobile gaming, Girl Scout cookies, and etc.

What? You thought is was going to be serious stuff? I’m sorry. Not for at least ten posts. I’m trying to relax. Writing for money can be strenuous and draining. Sooooo, as a faithful solicitor of Perspective Park, you have to bear with my ignorance for a little while.

It’ll be fun!


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