News Flash!

I like to be informed — but not too much. News can be addictively depressing. Between ISIS and local carjackings, the news can have you afraid to travel… to the grocery store. So I subscribe to a few apps and websites to get my daily information, skim through it, and I stay abreast on what I deem is relevant to me. 

First, I check CNN for world happenings, whatever Obama is about to do and updates from the latest missing plane. However, CNN’s homepage is full of celebrity news, cop killings, and corporate multimillion dollar deals. So after weeding through what I personally feel is propaganda to sway the masses in one direction or the other, I will end up finding about three stories worth reading.

Then I check NPR. National Public Radio seems to have the perfect mixture of news, art and culture. I can get a couple great interviews from maybe an upcoming playwright or bestselling author. Maybe I will get a good article about something that I know NOTHING about, but makes me think and sparks some creativity. I love it.

Then I check ESPN and Bleacher Report. I mean, as a guy, I have to have my dose of sports.

The reason, I ever started this post though, was to recommend an app that I use that covers all of those topics with a twist of humor. The Funny or Die News Flash app has to be the funniest thing that has ever happened to my phone. I hate to spend a lot of time laughing and being unproductive, but the fact that I was informed on an issue, eases that guilt. Here are a few that I saved.

IMG_7430  IMG_7457  IMG_7456

It’s rare that I recommend things to people, because I hate that feeling when it was actually pure crap to the other person.

Me: Hey man… You should check Con-Air out for real! It’s one of the best movies ever!

Me: So did you watch it?

Guy: Yeah I watched it… And you owe me two hours and a television.

So for me to recommend this app, says that I am really confident in the fact that most of you would enjoy it. I need silly in my life and this is a great source of it.

For the uptight though, be warned that it is very liberal. Very liberal. So if you are of the sensitive sort, tread lightly — maybe it’s not for you.

What's your perspective?

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