From A Girl’s Eye View – Guest Perspective

“If you have to demand something from someone, you are confessing they have it.” Wow! That’s pretty profound isn’t it?—Especially in relations to women’s rights. I love books. So one of my friends let me borrow a book that she thought I would thoroughly enjoy called “Understanding The Power and Purpose Of Woman”, by Dr. Myles Munroe. I have to admit after only reading half of the first chapter that it already had my mind turning, and me jumping on my laptop to share my thoughts. So far, Dr. Munroe speaks about how the perception of women in the past still persists in today’s society. To share some of his points, women are: inferior to men, lacking in intelligence and therefore having nothing to contribute to society, weak; incapable of real strength and domestic slaves to be used as desired.

Now for someone like me to read something as narrow-minded and ignorant as that, I honestly could not even find the energy to be offended. If this is really how men in this world today still view women, I am very saddened by this. I, like many women who are out there, don’t think the way men view us apply to me. I have some friends who like to tell me that I can come off as crude and spoiled because I can be commanding and/or demanding. I don’t debate that (LOL); I just wish it didn’t sound so harsh. The ways in which men may view us today, either personally or professionally, I feel don’t really apply to me because I don’t do well with following “the rules”. So like Munroe stated as he watched women fighting for their rights as the women’s movement first began, “If you ask someone for something you are admitting that they have it”. I respect all people, but you will ever rarely see me behave in manner, that’s seeking approval of others. You have women activist like Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Angela Davis who have been in the fight for women rights for decades. I believe that the reason these women can fight so hard and stand so strongly, is because they too know what and what doesn’t apply to them. They decide who is in control and whose opinions are important. They don’t follow the masses and settle for what is given to or thrown at them. No… They believe they are capable of much more and just as valuable as any man out there. They fight to show other women that they too must take back the power that they already own, but is rarely used. If you can comprehend that a woman’s position and rights in the world is imminent, it will change our approach to solving this plight worldwide.

Today, women are fighting for equal pay in the work place. Now I don’t know how soon that problem will be remedied, but what I can say as a fact is that in 2015 women entrepreneurship has grown at a rapid rate. Black women specifically, represent the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. So I say that to say, regardless of what civic laws and legislation acts are or aren’t changed, men hearts most likely won’t. However, we as women don’t have settle in our professional lives, because men don’t values us as we see our worth. We can value ourselves enough to take back the God-given right that men think they are in control of.

At the same time I have to admit, I’m by far not a feminist, because I do believe that women and men have certain roles to play in life. I just cringe knowing that women are out here being devalued and some are okay with it. I am a big advocate of self-worth, and love of self. I don’t believe that anyone on this God-given earth should have that stripped from him or her in anyway. So if there is a solution to that problem, find it and apply it. “No one has the liberty to control your rights, because your rights are God-given and inherent.”

Just my perspective; what’s yours?

-Maxine Pennerman

What's your perspective?

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