Stay Tuned…

After plenty of thought and consideration, I decided to venture out and share perspectives from other people. Perspectives from different angles and walks of life. Perspectives from people not like me. I decided to start with the most different of people — within my comfort zone of course — as possible. A woman. I admit, without regret, that I do not understand women. From what I hear from older men say, I may not ever understand them. So to have the guest perspective of a woman has actually turned into more of an eye-opener than previously supposed. Nonetheless, I agreed to share the point of view of a female friend to show what the world looks like to her and how she perceives herself in the world. Even though her views are just glimpses into a larger picture, they immediately went against my male perceptions. The objections that I had and the defenses that I drew for males while reading her perspective, made me realize that I needed the change in outlook. It has been all me and mine since I started, so I figure that the readers would like a change from time to time as well. Stay tuned for my very first guest perspective!

What's your perspective?

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