Racial and Cultural Fraud

By now everyone has heard of the Rachel Dolezal scandal; the white woman who passed as a Black American and worked her way up the ranks of the NAACP. A majority of black people find this unsettling and are upset with her actions. Personally, I am not upset with her at all. I could care less. I find the story amusing; the way that she made it that far in her scheme. I personally feel that she has proven to be fantastic liar and should not be trusted to hold a position doing anything; not just an office within the NAACP.

My point of view sees a slightly different angle of the whole situation. This should be proof to everyone that there are way to many outlets to capitalize on the culture of Black Americans. Rachel Dolezal is not the only person holding an office and capitalizing from having a black and disadvantaged background. The main difference is that she is not black and has not fully experienced what it is to live life under the social stigmas that black people face. She has played both sides of the fence to her advantage; a luxury that blacks do not have.

However, some blacks practice the same things and use being black or disadvantaged as leverage for trust with the common man; or the voting man; or the taxpaying man. I would use Rachel Dolezal as light to shine on the others, who we should be more upset with because they are black. Being taken advantage of by other races is nothing new to us — that is the foundation of our American existence. But it is the manipulation done by our own kind that deserves the most critique.

The most damage is not done by those holding political offices though. The most damage is done by rappers and entertainers that our youth look up to as real because of their gangster lyrics and demoralization of black culture. To rap about a lifestyle is one thing, but to praise a lifestyle that you had little to no association with, is another. In fact, I would consider that to be the same thing (if not worse) that Dolezal has done. Rap music done by Drake, Iggy Azalea, Plies, Rick Ross — and a host of others who have been proven to exaggerate their lifestyles — do more direct damage to the mentalities and culture that Dolezal could have ever done.

I am not here to tear down any one or their success, but I try to keep things in perspective. If we are going to stop people from capitalizing on us, we have to make those who speak for us accountable for their words and their actions; their truths and their lies. If we maintain integrity in ourselves and what we do, maybe others will not be so quick pull stunts like the one Ms. Dolezal has pulled.

Summed up, all I am trying to say is that our culture and history should be an experience to learn from; not to profit from.

What's your perspective?

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