Macho Hype

I am a walking textbook definition of macho hype.

Macho… hype — the art of keeping up an invulnerable persona regardless of surrounding circumstances. It is a practice of self-distraction and being able to block out and compartmentalize certain thoughts; or simply put, repressed emotions. So when in stressful and emotionally volatile situations, men (generally speaking, but especially me) tend to avoid anything that will evoke less than manly reactions. For example: If I read, I will read sci-fi or comics. If I get bored, I will find something to fix. If I get tired and want a nap, I will sleep on the floor with my legs propped on the sofa. If I get hungry, I will even go as far as to eat a big sloppy burger because it is more masculine than a civilized and balanced meal. Although it may sound like a stretch, it is completely true. Thoughts about Grandma, career path, the future, social issues, or even the ad for the missing puppy outside of the grocery store have to be placed on hold until you are so doped up on testosterone that you can think about them without being phased.

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