Thirty Seconds Ago… Speechless

I’m not even sure how to start this one…

I got up from my computer after about three hours of staring at the screen. Unsure of whether I’m tired from no recent chill time or just simply sleepy, I shook the feeling, pepped myself up and headed to go grab lunch. My day had been pretty uneventful, and I was not prepared for any events, of any kind.

Anyway, I took the shortcut through the sub-levels of the buildings to get to the deli. I take the sub-levels for two reasons; one: because it’s faster, and two: to avoid all traffic, avoiding as many people as possible. Today though, as I walked the long empty hallway toward the elevators, there was already a man there waiting. This was no big deal though because I pass this particular guy quite often in this part of the hallways, and he rarely says much more than “Hello”. Keep in mind that this is an extremely long hall and I am not yet close enough to verbally speak. So now that I am about thirty yards away, he turns, sees me and greets me — but not in a way that I was prepared to be greeted. Let me rephrase: NOTHING could have prepared me for his greeting.

The Asian man standing at the elevator simply lifted a fist as to say “Right on”, and held it there.

I stop walking and quickly try to comprehend what the heck is happening. Thoughts and explanations are running in through my mind so fast that I literally started sweating. My response to this situation could have drastic consequences so I needed to make sure that I was actually seeing what was happening for what it was. I looked again and there was no confusing his black power fist saluted towards me. This guy has always been very cool and would have no reason to insult me. Now that I was thinking about it, I realized that he did walk with kind of a relaxed bounce… And nearly every time I see him, he is talking to some cute black lady. So now, I feel as if I’m being rude by not greeting him back.

Keep in mind I have stopped walking altogether and just looking at him in shock. I looked around to see if there was possibly someone else behind me that he could be signaling. Nope; it was just us two. I slowly raised my left fist to him as he backed into the now open elevator. He nodded — not the white nod though, the black one; the one that goes up — and the elevator doors closed, leaving me standing confused in an empty hallway with a raised symbol of black unity.

I am still shocked and confused by what happened, but I took that as a queue between he and I that no matter what, he is down for the cause.

I guess I can call him my nigga.

3 thoughts on “Thirty Seconds Ago… Speechless

  1. The way my mind set up I thought he had his fist “dukes” up like Red Foxx. I was thinking well who’s going to punch first. Glad it was just black power ✊ and not Pacquio and Mayweather dress rehearsal 👊👊

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