Is White Pride Shameful?

A movie buff asked me today, “Man, you haven’t seen Action Jackson?!”

“No, I ain’t seen it yet, but it’s on my list.” I replied.

“It’s cheesy, but it’s good. I mean it was the 80s… And Apollo Creed.” I cannot recall what was said after that — and I hate misquoting — but then the was the reference of black war heros. If my grandfather had served and ranked highly in the military, I’m sure I would extremely proud of that. The courage that it calls for to serve and excel in the face of death is surely a legacy worth leaving behind. “It must be pretty rewarding to tell of your grandfather’s heroism,” I thought.

But what if you are white, and your father, grandfather or great-grandfather fought for the confederacy? Can you be proud of that? Should you be proud of that? Can you be proud without agreeing to the siding of his allegiance? Or could you agree with his allegiance for strictly political or economical reasoning without being considered prejudice or racist in 2015?

I wrote a list of questions as if I were a young white male from the South who had ancestral ties to the confederacy. In doing this, I realized that this could cause some identity conflicts with for whites as well. I am very slow to develop an opinion and speak on a situation that I cannot personally relate to; and being white is one of those situations. Family, family history and traditions are all very important to me. This are the things that will account for a majority of your identity; I never put myself in the shoes of those who are unable to be proud of what their forefathers DIED for. Plainly put — that sucks!

I do not believe that the ignorance and wrongdoings of a confederate soldier are all passed down to his living descendants. That would be an ignorant assumption on my part. However, I know some really nice white people whose roots are here in the South. I am also pretty sure that if they have ancestry that fought for the confederacy, they know about it. Should they hide it and be ashamed? Can you be a proud southern white man or woman with those roots? I can see how it would be difficult to answer and be politically correct, but I believe politically correct is the cause of a majority of America’s suppressed tension that seems to erupt at every racially motivated incident.

I’m going to look further into these questions, from this perspective just to see how I really feel about it. Black Power is a term that simply implies pride in our heritage and we say it, shout it and sing it to remind us that we are in fact, proud. Have the history of whites eternally robbed them of being able to openly expressed pride for their heritage?

Just looking for a different perspective.

3 thoughts on “Is White Pride Shameful?

  1. I enjoyed reading this. It just inspired my next blog, which is something that I feel strongly about, but for some reason had not touched on yet. That is the history; hidden and lost history of people of color. Thanks for your reflections..

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