I can freely discuss my position on black people and white people alike. I am one and not the other. I’m black. I am not white. I have opinions on both races and can clearly define my position between the two.

That’s race though.

When it comes to colorism, I find myself in the same type of limbo that I described in Washington vs. DuBois. In the case of colorism though, the boundaries that I seek are strictly physical. I am neither dark-skinned nor light-skinned; I’m just brown.

The problem of colorism is a worldwide problem and is a lot more serious in other places than the tone that I take with the issue. If you went to a predominately black school in the inner-city, you would understand how one could become numb to the issue. When it comes to the colorism among blacks, it’s basically just light-skinned and dark-skinned. Brown is pretty much a neutral zone. However, because of social stigmas that are subliminally taught to us through every angle of society in this country, it’s not uncommon to grow up thinking lighter is better and darker is worse.

Normally, as we grow into adulthood, these ideas and ways of thinking diminish. For those who don’t grow out of this way of thinking, are probably just ignorant or scarred. I believe a majority of black people could care less about a person’s skin tone, especially when it comes physical attraction.

Attractive is attractive, no matter what color it comes in. I believe we all have preferences and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes in when you choose a preference based on thinking one is better than the other simply because of the skin tone. I think black girls are attractive, brown girls are attractive, and light girls are attractive, but the one thing that overrides all three of those are pretty girls. Your complexion doesn’t make you cute. Since more awareness have come to issues of colorism in our society, darker skinned blacks have been claiming their territory in the media and evening the playing fields. I mean Rick Fox, Shemar Moore and Ginuwine had to move over for Tyrese, Taye Diggs and Idris Elba. (These are the jokes that blacks tell amongst ourselves.)

We are all comfortable being who and what we are this day in time. There was a time when the only way we could have a shot at mainstream success was to look like Lena Horne. Thank goodness for her because her skin open the doors for Lupita’s success. It’s a beautiful thing.

Lena Horn; almost indistinguishable from a white lady
Lupita Nyong’o is now the winner of an Oscar Award. Her beautiful dark face should have won another.

I understand that it is still an issue that plagues the minds of young girls all over, especially after they see celebrities gradually grow lighter and lighter year after year in the spotlight. However, that’s irrelevant, and I think as time progress, it will become more and more apparent that we do not have to do that to be accepted.

It’s really a wonderful thing. The TEAM LIGHT SKIN and TEAM DARK SKIN feud will probably be around for a while, but only as a reference to each party being proud of what they are.


What's your perspective?

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