Selma – (Very) Unoffical Review

I just saw Selma a couple hours ago. I am always very reluctant to watch movies depicting the history of Black Americans and our struggles in the United States. There are so many thoughts, imaginations, and emotions that these movies provoke that I would rarely just ignore the cinema depictions and learn through reading. While watching the movie, I realized in a helpless and nearly hopeless state, that it is nearly impossible to to advance further as a people without the togetherness we once had and a single leader to lead the charge. It also became very clear that there are so many inequalities we still face that are masked by the laws; there is no law that can heal the condition of the minds of the people being torn down by the illusion of freedom and equality. However, this condition is not limited to the minds of Black Americans alone…

There are so many topics that a movie like this set in motion that I can not cover them all. I am actually quite drained. It took all of my might to stay after the first ten minutes, but I forced myself to continue watching. Since I have gotten through Selma, and can agree that it was a total success, I recommend it to anyone who may have the slightest interests in what the movement was all about and its role players. I LOVED IT! Now maybe I can go back and watch the backlog of movies depicting our peoples’ struggles that I have avoided year after year after year. I’m a pretty easygoing guy, except when it comes to family and race relations. I feel as though all of my passion has been reserved for simply wanting everyone to be treated fairly; a task so simple, but yet nearly impossible.

Since I won’t do a review, I have sharde my notes (something I never do) that I took during the movie. Instead of a review I will break down the major themes that I took from the movie, to be discussed next month as what I feel to still be issues today.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.52.06 PM

I am completely satisfied with the movie. It was great! Casting was great! Acting was great! Plot and theme of the movie itself was great!

But I’m tired…

In February I will devote more detail into my personal perspectives surrounding the movie.

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