Complimenting Arts

I believe undoubtedly in the concept and ability of creation; the notion that humans can take nothing but a thought and manifest it into a beautiful physical something. The creative ability to do such things are usually summed up into the arts. The people who indulge in these arts or called artists. Artists are normally quite creative; and an individual’s creativity is rarely bound to the limits of one art.

Well, over the last weeks, I have gone on a binge to access what would I like to contribute to the arts through my writing. I started with the widest view that I could possibly start with, which was to look at all of the arts together — literary, performance and visual. What I quickly realized, is something that I already knew but did not have an explanation for.

“Sometimes you cannot completely express what you feel or see internally through just one art form; no matter how talented you are.”

Is this true? Maybe; maybe not. It is my perspective on it though. As always, I’m open to different opinions, so please provide feedback if you disagree.

So since is the way I feel about it, I set myself out on a mission to find another art form to practice to compliment my writing. Or if not to compliment, at least to give me another avenue of expression. Words do not resonate with everyone like they do with the people who read and write as hobbies. Even myself for example, I find it extremely difficult to express love for particular person in words. Even as poetry, I feel as though something has been lost in the written translation. I tried to explain this to a friend before:

Me: It’s easy for me to write about love in general; but I can’t do it when it’s about someone.

Friend: Maybe it’s because you don’t love them.

Me: Maybe you should hang yourself.

Some levels of intimacy have to be seen (my perspective). I am a very visual person. Sometimes when any emotion, not just love, reaches a high point, words can only scratch the surface of what is felt. With that being said, even though I cannot always get the words out in what seems to be in the correct order, I have an image in my head that seems to embody all that I feel. That is why I will be making an effort to extend some of my creativity to the visual arts. I have always had a love for paintings and drawing, but primarily from a viewing standpoint; not creating. It maybe long and difficult, but I believe the results will be rewarding.

Classical writer/painters include the popular e.e. cummings, Henry Miller, and William Blake. They all worked from both sides and did exceptional in each of the crafts. Even though they are known predominately for their writings, those paintings came from somewhere within them and reached people that there words might not have reached. Those painting provoked thoughts that the words would not have, and gave depth to what might have been shallow if only written. On the other hand, Pablo Picasso wrote poetry heavily after years of perfecting his painting styles, but to me, most of that which I read was just as confusing as his cubism. That is just my opinion though; I like early Picasso.

I will probably dabble in a bit of a few the arts though, including classic dance, sculpting and a return to spoken word. Considering I haven’t done spoken word successfully in seven years, is more intimidating than the uncharted arts. Either way, I conclude that in every creative mind there are multiple routes to get to the same point. In exploring what I do, I look forward to exploring how I do them.

Leave feedback. Tell me if there are hobbies/arts that you join together to express your ideas.

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