I’m Back!

I feel like someone who ain’t showed up for work in three weeks, and then shows back up like they ain’t been missing.

Me: Hey, how’s everybody doing?


Me: Anybody see the game this weekend?

[More crickets]

Boss: You’re fired.

Me: Thank you for the opportunity.

Boss: Get out.

No but in all seriousness, over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weeks, I just enjoyed some fun time off with family in and out of state. I was literally back and forth between Atlanta and Alabama so much that trying to keep any type of schedule would have been too difficult. Last week though, I started missing blogging. I think it’s safe to say that I have found a medium of writing that suits what most of my friends have diagnosed as acute ADD and provides a channel to an audience that I would not have otherwise had. If you are a follower, of Perspective Park, you should know by now that I am ever so appreciative for anyone who takes the time to stop by and have a peek. It means a lot. So thank you all.

In the last few weeks, I’ve had a chance to read quite a few things. Some of which, helped me remember style. When I started this blog, I was so concerned with being grammatically correct that I left a lot of me out of what I was writing; a lot of style. I had a chance to read a few other blogs (some of the bloggers who follow me) and I was extremely impressed by their styles. When I looked back and read some of my own posts, I felt as though some of them were written too uptight for their topics. I am not neglecting them or saying that they were bad because I won’t post anything that I would be ashamed to claim as my own. That’s like dating someone that you can only hang out with at night… on the other side of town… while making her wear a disguise.

Me: Hey put these on.

Girl: It’s dark! I don’t need shades!


Me: Well give them to me.

Now, I’ve never done that, I’m just giving an illustration. I’m an excited talker. I don’t normally talk a lot, but for those who know me personally, know that when I speak on something that I’m passionate about, it comes out in my hand gestures, my vocal patterns change and I start stuttering like a drumroll. I would love it if I could learn to relay that same passion through blogging; but I can’t do it without personalized style. I like to laugh, but I have a lot of things that I take very very seriously. I want to be able to blend these in my writing. I believe I can; even if I have to add excerpts for illustrations.

I have faith in myself as a writer. Not because I know all of the rules and always follow them though. I have faith in my content, and my ability to convey what I need to say and for what I need readers to understand with proper word choice. Simple as that. I believe good writing is being able to get your point across or your story told as simply as possible. If a reader is confused after reading something that I wrote, it is no fault of theirs’; but mine. All that I lack though (because I’m far from perfect), I will gain through practice and the grace of God. If I then incorporate proper word choice with the style that is Reggie Rich, we will end up with something either really good, or really crude. Either way, we’re going to find out in 2015.

I’m looking forward to what’s to come this year. My theme for this year is, “Life is Simple”. We have a tendency to overcomplicate so so much. I actually put the lifestyle into practice last year but will be building on it this year. I have a lot of things already noted out on what this means to me and how it has been beneficial to me recently. I believe it can be beneficial for a lot of people everywhere. Like I always say though, this is me and my perspective.

I’m back. We’re back. Perspective Park is back online with a more direct purpose, and a broader range of getting across. I believe I’m capable of bringing enjoyment, or at least a different perspective to anyone who checks in, so stay tuned to see if I can.

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