Writers’ Tools

One of the best things about being a writer is that I can pretty much do it anywhere. I carry a pocket notebook, ink pen, and phone at all times; and all three items can fit into the same pocket. So whether I want to jot notes, blog or even work on larger projects, all of it is within a very short reach. That has to be one of the best, if not the best, feature of the profession.

However, when I look at other artistry professions, there is a “gear envy” that I find myself battling against. What I’m trying to say is that with my pen, notebook and phone, I could be a student, businessman or any other organized human being in America. Think about a guitarist. Not only is he going to have a guitar, but there are different types of guitars that produce different types of sounds. Let’s say we have a barber; there a different blades and clippers to produce different cuts. Photographers use different cameras and lenses. Painters use different types of paints and brushes. It seems like every other creative art have a gear package that you can build to do whatever it is that you do… And only that!

It’s not like I hate the other artists, it’s just that there is nothing a writer carries or uses that only a writer would have; except a typewriter. The typewriter is the only thing that only a writer would have. Everybody uses pens. It doesn’t matter what brand you buy or how many you have; it’s still a pen. Notebooks and paper are used by everyone. Softwares don’t count because that’s not physical equipment. I doubt if anyone that is not a writer want to hear about the capabilities of White Smoke… because it’s software… and software is boring and non-tangible. The only thing that I can think of that means writer, and writer only, is a typewriter. You’re not going to have a typewriter to do anything else with besides writing. That’s all you can do with it. This is why in December 2014, typewriters are still relevant (in my personal opinion); because it is all we have that we can brag on that no one else would ever use. Besides that little weird lady with the glasses who types everything during court, no other profession would ever use a typewriter! That’s our thing; but I feel like we should have at least one other thing. Or maybe I’m just looking for a reason to have more gadgets.

Anyway, it’s not that I want people to see me and say, “Oh that guy has a _______. He’s a writer.” I simply wish there was some tool or object that we could carry around and compare with each other like other artists do. We just have to admire the complete work… Unless we type it on and read it from a typewriter.

(And this was a writer’s temper tantrum.)

What's your perspective?

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