Quality or Quantity – Part 2

The other night I posted on the topic of quality or quantity. That short post took a little over two hours to write, even after I had noted and thought about the topic throughout the day. (Check it out HERE.) It didn’t matter though because i have to go over everything over and over again before I’m comfortable with it.

After I wrote part one, I had the idea to defend my position on why I take as much time as I do when editing even something as small as a 600 word blog post. To do so, I decided to write this showing the difference in what a few extra minutes of revisions can make. Even though the length of these two posts are about the same, the time that it took to produce this one is on a limit of thirty minutes. I’m cutting the time. Like I said in part one of this topic, I would love to improve on the time that it takes me to write and complete a project. However, until I get to that point, these are the type of things that you will be reading if I start focusing on quantity before I have developed an acceptable quality that matches that desired speed. It’s called efficiency, I think. Because I know if you had to force yourself to read pass all of this grammatical nonsense every time you read something with my name on it, it would not be long before you just gave up on me all together… and I wouldn’t blame you. I can’t read crap either. Anything worth appreciation takes time. If you can produce something worth appreciation quickly, it took time for you to grow develop that efficiency. It’s called patience, I think.

This is just an example of what you would be subjected to if I put myself on a limit that is too demanding for my skill level. It produces crap. I’m not ashamed of this post because it’s an illustration of what writers go through before they share something with their readers. As a matter of fact, I’m sure this is a lot better simply because I know there will be people reading it. Some times I write from scraps of paper that I took notes on throughout the day. Once I put it on paper, it’s still the same crap, now just consolidated to one editable location. Then I have to cut out the useless and insert better word and sometimes by the time I’m finished, not that was on those scraps of paper is in the completed work, but the ideas are the same. I am very curious to see how that process works for artists in other areas, but I’m sure 99% of writers can relate to what I’m saying now. If you think you can just grab some notes from a writer and follow what he or she is thinking from those notes, you are wrong. Half the time, I don’t even know what my notes are pertaining to; I have to think and remember.

Useless image to back up the tangent that I just went on
Useless image to back up the tangent that I just went on

I’m going to wrap it up now. Notice that the title of this post is “Quality or Quantity – Part 2”, when it should be “Quality vs. Quantity – Part Two” so that it stays consistent. When focusing on quantity though, inconsistencies happen. In the previous paragraph, I went on a tangent about drafting, that had nothing to do with quality or quantity in the context that I am focusing on. I hope this provides a better illustration of how easy it is for a writer to produce crap. I did very little backspacing in this post and change only a few words to help get my point across.

END (because there has not been a lot of structure, and I want you to know that I’m done)

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