Week 7 Recap

Well I am proud to be closing yet another successful week. Even though I was unable to make time for my Daniel series, I still got around to some topics I really enjoyed. As it nears the end of the year and preparation for the holidays are kickstarted, time is becoming even more scarce than before. Balancing a 9-5, responsibilities, and writing can literally consume your every waking minute. So for those of you who continuously, check in and continue to support Perspective Park, my gratitude can not be expressed enough.

Last week, I covered the principle of being proud of what you do. If you don’t appreciate your craft, no one else will. Hard work will be noticed by yourself first, and through consistency, patience, and repetition it will capture the attention of others. Before this though, you have to set your mind to that goal and not be be persuaded from attaining to it otherwise.

On Tuesday, October 30th, I wrote about appreciation that we as the younger generation should have for the wisdom of our preceding generation. By taking the words of wisdom from our elders, and practicing it as much as possible in our youth, we will have accumulated even more of our own to pass on to the generation behind us. Wisdom should be able to be received from anyone, but sometimes coming from peers, it can be condescending and taken the wrong way. Unfortunately, that is more of a personal problem, but that is just how it goes.

Friday, October 31st, I focused on the hidden mentality of a writer. There are many filters and barriers that a writer will put on himself which in a way, splits the personality of the author. Even though it does not qualify as true schizophrenia, sometimes the defining character points between life and literature contrast to the point where it seems as though the writer lives in constant contradiction. In this thought, I made a goal to remove as many barriers and filters as possible, to get my work as open and true to myself as possible.

Next week, I will be getting back to Daniel. At the point Daniel is for my enjoyment, and I just hope that you all are enjoying it as well. As far as other topics go, I will have to scurry through my notebook for a topic that I have not covered, unless another topics comes to mind. Hopefully, next week will not be as busy for me and I will be able to share a little more.

Thank you again for checking in and keeping posted, and I look forward to spreading a bit more of my perspective to you next week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend as compassionately and lovingly as possible!

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