Week 5 Recap

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has been checking in to read and share in my perspectives. Even the smallest amount of support goes a long way, and I really do appreciate the support. If you don’t support me, but you at least took the time skim through; Thank you too. 🙂

Secondly, for those of you who have followed Perspective Park, I would like to apologize for the short week of posts. I was on schedule to post last night but was not completely comfortable with my chosen topic. I would much rather that you become more accustomed to me and my views before I introduce too much controversy. Since I am only five weeks into creating an identity for Perspective Park, I am still making a first impression. If we met in person three times a week, you would already know that I mean no harm in anything that I say. However, since this is basically a one way line of communication, it takes a bit more time to establish a personality.

Over the weeks, I have scattered about in a variety of topics typically based on what I have felt like. Going forward though, I would like to provide you with a weekly recap that will cover two things— what was discussed that previous week, and a preview to what will be discussed in the upcoming week. I believe this process will help me to maximize productive time, while shortening the learning curve to blogging effectively, and giving you – the reader – more room for input.

With that being said…


  • On Monday, October 11, I posted Beauty: In All Forms. I simply discussed how I felt about the conditions of being comfortable within yourself. The way you perceive yourself can have a lot to do with how you carry yourself and your overall perspective of life. The media also plays a lot into how we define beauty. Don’t let those images become your standard. Real men like curves anyway.
  • On Tuesday, October 12, I posted Relationship Failure Theory: Revisited. In this post, I elaborated a little more on women’s responsibilities in relationships. In the original Relationship Failure Theory post, it seemed as though I had placed all of the weight of the relationship on the man. However, I was only speaking from the perspective of the man.


  • On Monday, October 20, I will be adding to Daniel and the Romantic. The fun thing about writing something is that it can always evolve. That’s what happened with this short. I used the story as a cover for the poem as I am still not very comfortable with poetry. Within the story, The Romantic was actually the main character, but I have changed that. Since first posting, I have scripted a five-part story following the same format about Daniel. I think you will enjoy it.
  • On Tuesday, October 21, I add on yet another Thirty Seconds Ago… story. I spent this week writing dealing scraping my brain on real issues. Next week I will loosen up a bit.
  • On Thursday, October 23, I will tackle the issue of the Mama’s Boy. This is every girl’s worst nightmare, but from the right perspective, maybe I can explain what a Mama’s boy is. I will say though, that the Mama’s Boys who gives you the willies are simply boys altogether. There is a difference.

If any of this interest you, be sure to check back in and see what’s going on. Even if you have ideas or opinions before next week, feel free to comment or even email me directly @ reginald.richardson@me.com. The feedback helps a lot, and gives me more perspective on my own life as I see it.

So once again, thank you all and have a wonderful weekend!

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