Thirty Seconds Ago… The Flight

With my small carryon bag now snugly tucked away in the overhead bin, I plopped into my seat and made myself comfy for the two and a half hour flight to see my brother in New York. He had been waiting on this day for about a month now and I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. Everything was set and in order for me to arrive on his campus at about 1 o’clock PM. It was 8AM now and the plane was rustling with its last few passengers getting comfortable. I searched my pockets for my earbuds to enjoy a few tunes on the way (they were also useful for deterring unwanted conversation).

I noticed I was smiling; but I was having a good morning so why stop shouldn’t I be? I granted the portly flight attendant a nod of the head. He was also smiling. You could tell he really enjoyed his job though. He reached up and grabbed the little walkie talkie to address the passengers for our routine instructions and flight details. His beet red cheeks and cheery wide eyes made him a pleasant and reassuring face for the flight.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen,” he started with a voice that was just masculine enough to know that it was a male talking. “We will be departing in about two minutes and I want to assure you that this will be the smoothest ride of your life.” He chuckled, as did couple most the passengers. His jolliness was contagious and his charm was that of an elderly school nurse, who made the visit to her office a calming session in a bad situation. As he rattled off the cruising altitudes and speeds and emergency procedures, I slowly drifted off into thought. 

“What wonderful friends I have, to make sure I get flight vouchers for such a low price. And with such a delightful flight attendant, I could not have asked for a better deal. Just think, I nearly spent four times the amount that I did for a less accommodating flight. WHEW!” The plane shifted and started down the runway. This directed my attention back to the flight attendant as he finished his speech with:

“Thank you all for choosing Skyy Airlines and enjoy your flight to Albany, Georgia.”

“ALBANY, GEORGIA?!?” I asked abruptly. My outburst startled a few of my surrounding flight mates.

“Yes sir,” the round man responded with the first sign of anything besides pleasantness registering on his face since I first laid eyes on him. “Is there a problem?”

With the plane gaining speed down the runway, I humbly replied, “No. Not at all” and laid back into my seat.

I enjoyed all twelve minutes of that flight from Atlanta to Albany, Georgia. My brother got over the fact that no one showed up for his first Family & Friends Day.

And I lived happily ever after… Until about 30 seconds ago…

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