Addicted to Tapping & Swiping

If you are as addicted to mobile gaming as I am, you should get exactly what I am about to explain. Better yet, if you suffer from acute ADHD, you will understand exactly what I am about to explain. They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. So I say right now that I am highly addicted to tapping and swiping in mobile gaming.

With the speed of life seeming to approach the speed of sound, the amount of time I have to squeeze in my writing is becoming shorter and shorter. I work a full-time shift from eight in the morning until five in the evening. Usually when I get off work, fight the Atlanta traffic (and a couple of fellow commuters), get home and eat, my mental capacity for producing anything worth reading has dwindled down to nothing. However, throughout the workday, I find myself checking on my Clash of Clans profiles. If I have a moment of mental jamming, I clear it up with a nice round of Temple Run. If I walk from my desk to go get coffee, I do so while guiding Barry through the labs of Jetpack Joyride. None of these are hardcore iOS games, because that’s not why I play them. I play them as distractions and temporary stress relievers (not Clash of Clans; that’s my alternate universe).

The point that I’m making is that I should use that time to write – even if it’s just a sentence at a time. So that’s what I started doing. So guess what? Whenever I get caught between thoughts, looking for words or any type of mental slowing, I double-click and stroll over to a game.

Five or ten minutes later, I realize I’ve absentmindedly tricked myself out of more valuable typing time for useless swiping time. I am currently teaching myself to consciously choose times to game on my phone. It is so mindlessly done that I didn’t even realize the type of progress I could make in writing if I substituted it for that time.

I thought of deleting all of the games from my phone; and quickly decided that I wasn’t ready for that approach. The 12-Step Program teaches a more balanced approach to learning discipline. Cold turkey is not for me.

What's your perspective?

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